Pier Pont Crossing
2408 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414
United States

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Pierpont Crossing; Ballroom Dance Charleston
Friday Night Progressive Foxtrot Class
Pierpont Crossing; Ballroom Dance Charleston
Jun 24
Saturday Night Dance Party
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
Aug 27
Special Event - Summer Showcase
  Appendix B-June 21, 2017
  Appendix E-June 21, 2017
  Weekend Events June 23, 2017
  Appendix C-June 21, 2017

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General Information: : (Call Todd Biegger, Board President - 843-296-0395)

ADDRESS: Pier Pont Crossing; 2408 Ashley River Road; Charleston, SC 29414

Meet Todd who will be answering your questions.

Welcome to Ballroom Dance Charleston. We are a chapter of USA Dance, a national non-profit organization promoting ballroom dancing in the Charleston area. We are all about having fun while enjoying the many benefits of ballroom dancing. Our dancers are beginners to experienced. There is no feeling of intimidation. We have a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. BDC has resources to offer you group lessons on all levels. We also have private instructors available to teach private lessons renting space in our ballroom. We are "Professional and Affordable." If you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, there is a place for you at Ballroom Dance Charleston.