St. Andrew's Fitness Center
1642 Sam Rittenberg Blvd.
Charleston, SC 29407
United States

Sep 03
Beginner RUMBA
St. Andrew's Fitness Center
Sep 05
Friday Night Party
St. Andrew's Fitness Center
Sep 08
Advanced SWING
St. Andrew's Fitness Center
Sep 09
Intermediate BOLERO
St. Andrew's Fitness Center
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Successful Hawaiian Luau Party!

A big giant thank you to Liza and Alan for hosting a super party and to Susan for the great music on Saturday night, August 16. It was a blast with a lovely hula demonstration by Liza along with a lesson for both men and women. There was a whole lot of wiggling going on! Pictures and videos are posted to our Shutterfly site.

General Information

We are Chapter 6021 of USA Dance. Since the fire on February 23, the Ballroom Dance Chapter of Charleston is temporarily located at St. Andrew's Fitness Center, 1642 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. The St. Andrew's Fitness Center is located behind Charleston Lighting, which is approximately 100 yards across the parking lot from our old location on Ashley Hall Rd.

Our main website is for the newsletter, calendar, and general information. We also have pictures and videos posted on

Classes, Workshops

Classes start Wednesday, September 3. The great thing about monthly classes is that they are also progressive and each week everything is repeated! The best method is to first choose your skill level and then start on the first week so that you get the full benefit of repetition.

Wednesday, Sept 3 - Beginner Rumba with Debbie Housand, 7-8 pm, Downstairs, 4 weeks

Monday, Sept 8 - Advanced Swing with Debbie Housand, 7-8 pm, Upstairs, 4 weeks.

Tuesday, Sept 9 - Intermediate Bolero with David Roland, 7-8 pm, Upstairs, 3 weeks

Wednesday, Sept 10 - Intermediate Rhythm Technique with David Roland, 8-9 pm, Downstairs, 3 weeks

Friday Progressive West Coast Swing Series will start September 12 with Jason and Sheela. This is one of their specialty dances and will be a real treat!

Workshops: Fall schedules are being developed now. Please let Pam know what workshops interest you AND what day/time works best! The possibilities are endless …….West Coast, Night Club, Quick-Step, Line Dance, Salsa, Cha Cha, Viennese Waltz, Jazzy Foxtrot, Tango……. Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon…….. pam@summermarshphotography or (843) 276-7050.

Facility Update

The creation of our new home is moving forward! We have had many good suggestions and we have incorporated as many as we can. One of these is that our dance floor should be rectangular if possible (not square). We have asked the landlord if it is possible to move a wall in order to accommodate this shape, and he has agreed to do so at his expense! So, we hope to have a signed lease next week (we are waiting on the landlord's attorney) and a new floor plan for you to look at soon. In order to accomplish this rectangle, we may need to move one unit down (all the units are similar), but we will not know this until mid-week.

In the meantime, we are moving forward with the floor selection possibilities, and we will be organizing volunteer OPPORTUNITIES soon!!! We are going to need a lot of volunteers quickly when the walls and bathrooms are in. Hurry up and wait-sound familiar? Hope to have a lot of additional information by the end of the week. -Pam

Provided below are the contact phone numbers of our independent dance instructors:

Debbie Housand, 843-991-3601

David Roland, 843-568-6888

Stephen Duane, 843-557-7690

Jason Creel and Sheela Agrawal (256) 348-6700, (256) 566-6222