Pier Pont Crossing
2408 Ashley River Road
Charleston, SC 29414
United States

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Pierpont Crossing; Ballroom Dance Charleston
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
Sep 29
Hustle Workshop
Pierpont Crossing; Ballroom Dance Charleston
Sep 30
Saturday Night Dance Party
Pier Pont Crossing (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
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General Information: : (Call Todd Biegger, Board President - 843-296-0395)

ADDRESS: Pier Pont Crossing; 2408 Ashley River Road; Charleston, SC 29414

Meet Todd who will be answering your questions.

Welcome to Ballroom Dance Charleston. We are a chapter of USA Dance, a national non-profit organization promoting ballroom dancing in the Charleston area. We are all about having fun while enjoying the many benefits of ballroom dancing. Our dancers are beginners to experienced. There is no feeling of intimidation. We have a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. BDC has resources to offer you group lessons on all levels. We also have private instructors available to teach private lessons renting space in our ballroom. We are "Professional and Affordable." If you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, there is a place for you at Ballroom Dance Charleston.

Group Classes October 2017

October group classes start Sunday, October 1 with the youth classes. Adult weekly classes start Monday, Octobor 2. The very best time to start is on the first week so that you get the benefit of the learn, repeat, learn some more, repeat, etc system.

Monday - 7:00 - 8:00pm; Debbie Housand - Anything Goes Class - Tango

Tuesday - 7:00 - 8:00pm; David Roland - East Coast Swing

Wednesday - 7:00 - 8:00pm; Beginner Class - Debbie Housand - Foxtrot

Wednesday - 8:00 - 9:00pm; James Jiang - Salsa

Thurday - 7:00 - 8:00pm; Alex Ivanchenko - West Coast Swing

Prices for Classes:

Wednesday Beginner Classes:

  • $10 per week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Classes:

  • $10 per Class for Members
  • $12 per Class for Non-Members


Friday, September 29 Hustle Workshop

Hustle Like John - that's the idea! Debbie Housand will teach this fast-paced and fun dance! Two hours of dance instruction plus a snack break at 8:00

Saturday, October 7 - New Zumba Class

Certified Instructor Gabrielle Turco will teach this fun and fast-paced class that combines dance with cardio exercise. Do this once a week and you will see a difference in how you feel and look! After the first week, the price is only $5.

Here is the thing. The first class is free so why not give it a try?

Saturday, October 14 - Polish Heritage Party

All things Polish - food, music, and even the dance lesson. Polonaize is one of the national Polish dances and although it looks very formal here, most will wear casual red and white. Debbie does a great job at making this formation happen with very little stress and a lot of FUN! And, not to mention the delicious Polish food - what a treat!

Sunday, October 29

Combination Cha Cha Cha and Rumba Workshop with Natasha Frimanovich and her husband Maksim Kapitannikov. Click on the links below to see examples of their dancing - WOW!

Click here Natasha

Click here for Maksim

(Maksim was a Season 5 finalist of "So You Think you Can Dance")


All classes require instructor approval if started in week 2 or after.

Videos Posted - Change of Location for new Videos

Due to a change with Shutterfly, we are now posting videos from lessons and workshops on this website.

You can click on "videos" in the menu section in the top right corner of the website and then choose the video you would like to review.

Prior to August 2016, you can see past videos on the BDC Shutterfly site. The link to the Shutterfly site is also listed in this "video" section for your convenience.

Floor Use Reminder

Practice: One of the benefits of being a BDC member is that you can rent our dance floor for practice about any time except during BDC classes and parties for only $10 an hour. You must be a member to rent the floor and there is a limit of four people. Contact Pam or Todd for the code to get in the building and for the alarm.

Procedure - You can either drop the money in the safe with envelopes provided (with your name) or put your name on the log located on the supply cabinet and you will be billed the next month. Please remember to either leave payment or log your time, we are on the honor system here!

Special Events: The floor can also be rented for special events such as anniversaries provided it is not already scheduled and it is approved by the board. Sundays are about the only evening time slots we have available - we are very busy! And that is a good thing.

Pre-Paid Admittance Cards

Need a gift idea? The new cards are printed and will fit the bill perfectly for any BDC activity. The cards may be purchased in any amount for any BDC activity. - classes, parties, workshops, balls! This is a great a way to encourage a friend to give dancing a try or simply make it easier for our current members to participate a little more. For more information email Connie Vance -


To protect our beautiful floor, please wear dance shoes or smooth leather soles that have been cleaned of street dirt. Spike heels or other type shoes will harm the floor.