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Friday Progressive Series: CHA CHA
St. Andrew's Fitness Center
Nov 01
Saturday Night Dance Party
St. Andrew's Fitness Center
Nov 02
Foxy Foxtrot Workshop
St. Andrew's Fitness (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
Nov 09
Ballroom Line Dance Workshop
St. Andrew's Fitness (Ballroom Dance Charleston)
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  October 2014 Newsletter

DJ Training

If you have always wanted to spin the music at a party, this is your opportunity to learn the ropes. And, if you already DJ, please come to help with updates, suggestions, and to learn about our new computer resources.

A training session will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 28 at St. Andrews. Dinner will be provided. If you are planning on coming, please let Steve Martindale or Pam Levi know before Monday 843-276-7050 or

More Workshops!

We have two more workshops scheduled that will appeal to a variety of dancers. See flyers at the bottom of this email.

Foxy Foxtrot Workshop - Sunday, November 2

  • Marina Fridmanovich 2:00 - 4:00
  • Marina has some foxy moves to jazz up our foxtrot!
  • Check out this video on YouTube if you want to see Marina dancing FOXY Foxtrot -- WOW!
  • $25 for BDC and St. Andrew's Members, $35 for Guests

Ballroom Line Dance Workshop - Sunday, November 9

  • Brenda Mackaness, 2:00 - 4:00
  • Some of our favorite ballroom steps in a line dance! Plus, a chance to see one of our old friends, Brenda. This will be a special treat.
  • Line Dance = No dance partner? No problem.
  • $25 for BDC and St. Andrew's Members, $35 for Guests

New Logo for Ballroom Dance Charleston

Signage for our new facility resulted in the Board looking for an updated logo that represents attractively and accurately who we are and what we do. We are hoping hundreds of people will see the sign for Ballroom Dance Charleston on their way to and from work. We needed something eye catching and a logo that could be understood quickly as people drive by. We will continue to use the USA Dance logo on official correspondence as required. Our Ballroom Dance Charleston logo is in addition to the national one.

Designers from 15 countries entered and the five finalist logos are attached. If you would like to help choose the new logo, please email Pam at your choice or indicate your favorite at either party this week-end! The Board wants all members to know that no Chapter funds were used in the logo contest. Let us hear from you! And just for information, colors in the logo can be changed to fit occasions. Think how Google does theirs. Our new logo will offer opportunity for customization without changing the basic design!

Party Fee Increase

When the board approved an increase of party fees on September 13, the start date was chosen to coincide with the projected move to the Pier Pont facility at early to mid-November. Because of the owner's difficulty in obtaining building permits, it looks like the completion will not happen by then. We are hoping for mid-December.

Because of this delay to move to Pier Pont, the board approved a new start date for the party fee increase. The increased party fees will not be effective until the first regular party at the new facility. $10 Members and $15 for Guests.

Provided below are the contact phone numbers of our independent dance instructors:

Debbie Housand, 843-991-3601

David Roland, 843-568-6888

Stephen Duane, 843-557-7690

Jason Creel and Sheela Agrawal (256) 348-6700, (256) 566-6222